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Why tea makes you pee

Why tea makes you pee

Did you have to go to the loo again? Or is it just curiosity? A random thought? Well, you're here because you've asked yourself this question - why does tea make you pee? We're glad you ask, you curious little tea-drinker! The answer is...

Caffeine and Water.

If you're a big tea drinker, it doesn't really matter what tea you drink - pouring enormous amounts of fluids into you will make you pee more. It's simple. But if you're a green or black tea enjoyer you might need to visit the toilet just a bit more. See, caffeine is a diuretic - which means it can make your bladder move faster. But that one little drawback won't get you off the cuppa, right?

So, since you pee so much, does that mean drinking caffeinated tea dehydrates? This is my favourite part - no! Drinking moderate amounts of tea is super good for you and will keep you hydrated. Not to mention all the other benefits of drinking tea. Check this out.

Okay, all this tea-talk is making me want to pee now! To wrap this up, if you're looking for some tea, we have some great options in the shop. Word of caution: Some of those blends might make you need to pee if you drink too much!

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