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What is the "100% Happiness Guarantee"?

It's very simple - let us know if you don't enjoy the tea and we will fully refund your first pack. We're THAT confident!

When will my order arrive?

We're a small team (like really!) but we try to ship every day! Give it a couple of days. If you're from London your teas should come by real quick!

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes! If you'd like your tea delivered outside of the UK, please get in touch at info@teapsy.co.uk or send us a message through instagram. Please note that you might need to pay additional taxes and duties, depending on your location.

I don't like Evri. Can you use another courier?

Yes! Send us an email with your Order Number and let us know - We're more than happy to dispatch with Royal Mail. You can also leave a note with your order!

Do your teas contain any calories?

Tea is generally exempt from including calorific value - that's why you can't find on our packaging. It's safe to assume that most tea beverages without milk will have between 0-2 calories. It's a bit different when it comes to Matcha & Latte Powders - you can find more information on respective product pages under "Ingredients"

Are you organic?

No. While we maintain incredible quality of our product, our teas are mostly not organic.

Do your products contain plastic?

Our boxed tea is packed in recyclable cardboard, biodegradable cellophane as inner packaging and eco-friendly Soilon teabags. Our Matcha and Latte Powders are packed in recyclable plastic. We aim to keep the amount of plastic to minimum and always try to use eco-friendly alternatives.

What are your teabags made of?

Our lovely teabags are made of PLA - a type of bioplastic that's made by lactic fermentation of glucose, derived from starch. It's perfect for teabags, good for environment, non-toxic and safe! It degrades quickly in soil, although it's not really backyard compostable.

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