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Is Tea a Good Period Remedy?

Is Tea a Good Period Remedy?

Every period is different. Some are light and short, and some completely overwhelming, with no end in sight. If you're the former, you're lucky. If you're the latter, I'm really sorry. But there are some good news: whatever your period looks like, you can make it easier. See, what you consume before and during period can significantly affect it's severity. Are we thinking the same thing? More reasons to drink tea? YES. But seriously, hear this out: 


1. Ginger Tea

Turns out, ginger tea is found to have the same effect on period pain as many over-the-counter medication. That's on top of other incredible benefits of ginger. I'd say it's worth a try, especially on top of your usual remedies.


2. Chamomile Tea

Or take Chamomile, for example, which has anti-spasmodic properties. That means it effectively relieves the painful period cramps! It can also help modulate dopamine and serotonin, helping you offset the dreadful impact period has on your mental wellbeing. I really need some more chamomile in my life, I guess.


3. Lemon Balm

Another thing that comes with period is the complete lack of energy.. I mean, nobody can blame me for it, but there is an alternative to staying in bed all day! Lemon Balm - herbal tea known for it's calming (among many others) properties, has something very special to offer. One study shows it's incredible range: significant reduction in fatigue, lethargy and other neurological symptoms. This might be just the thing...

So is tea the ultimate cure for period? Of course not. Has tea shown, yet again, to be an incredible companion in your daily (or monthly) struggles?
Yes, yes, yes!

Ginger Tea
Lemon Balm

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