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What is Teapsy?

We're a cute, funky, eco-friendly and vegan-oriented tea company that aims to reshape the tea industry into something much, much more interesting.
We take a five thousand years old product and make it feel and taste like something completely new and exciting!


Our Purpose

We're here to bring some sparkles and glitter into your daily routine!
We hate boredom, so each of our blends discovers something completely new - natural phenomenas, situations, feelings - so you can enjoy those again or experience them for the first time with us! No More Boring Tea


The People Behind It


I'm Jakub and I mostly take care of the business side of Teapsy. 💻📲
I'm also the voice behind it - I write posts and tea descriptions. It's fun!
I love indie music and I basically listen to different genre every week. Also, I always wear two different socks🧦🧦 It's just who I am okay?


I'm Martyna and I'm bad at grammar. In fact, I'm so bad I made Jakub write this for me. Lol.
I mostly take care of the creative side of Teapsy!🧚‍♀️
It's a lot of work, but I love it. In short, Teapsy is like my baby 👶 and I get to choose the clothes it wears. Can't complain!


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