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Crazy about the environment, huh? Yeah, so are we!
We can't emphasize more how important the Earth is to us. It's our home and without Earth there is nothing. As far as science goes - it's the only planet capable of growing tea. We don't want to move!

Made of white cardboard - Recycle or Reuse! Use it in your own art, decorate your room or just pop it in the recycle bin and give it another life - Either of those makes us happy!

Cellulose (cellophane) is a strong food-grade material that will quickly degrade both in commercial and household environment. Put it in your compost bin or just simply general waste.

Made of eco-friendly cardboard - Recycle or reuse! It's generally good to keep some cardboard at home. Who knows when you'll be sending some tea across the country??

Probably the most important part of our packaging: The teabags. Made of Soilon - a type of bioplastic derived from corn starch. It's biodegradable in commercial environment - just pop it in your general food waste bin and voila - one step closer to saving the Earth.

Thank you for helping us save the planet. In the meantime, we invite you to try our incredible, flavourful blends - just a few clicks away!

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