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Tea Mindfulness - Guide to Tea Meditation

Tea Mindfulness - Guide to Tea Meditation

Tea is a great feel-good companion. It tastes great, makes you warm, helps you sleep - you name it! But there is one aspect of tea that many drinkers are not even aware of.
By taking your time and focusing on each step, from the boiling kettle to the last sip, you can create a meaningful moment full of positive thoughts and relaxation that will contribute to your overall well-being. It's kind of like meditation but with tea. Intrigued? Let's get started!

1. Declare Your Intention

Being mindful is not just about sitting still - you might be one of those people that find it boring - so your intention can be anything. Maybe you want to hype yourself up for a party? Or slow down before a job interview? Or maybe you actually want to meditate! Anything goes, so set the right tone and focus on what you're trying to achieve. It's your wellbeing and you make the rules!

2. Choose The Right Tea

Depending on your goals, you might want a different tea. Want to slow down after a stressful day? Have some Moondust. Going on a date? This tea might be the one! Teapsy was created specifically for these moments, so it might be worth giving our range of teas a look - perhaps you will find something that suits your intention?

3. Pick the perfect mug

And not just the mug! Light a themed candle or play some music - make this moment really about you! It's about embracing a lifestyle and reminding yourself of how happy you can be. So take a moment and look into the mug cupboard!

4. Brew the tea and take a good look inside

Once the tea is brewing, notice how the colours change. Smell it and think about your intention once again. Touch the mug and take note of how warm it is. All these steps will help reinforce your vision and set you up for success!

5. Every sip matters

Once the tea cools down a bit, take a sip. Take a moment and sip again. Be mindful of it, focus on your intention and most importantly - enjoy!

We created Teapsy with those experiences in mind, so go ahead and browse some of our flavoured tea - there's something for everyone!

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