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Spill The Tea, Sis!

Spill The Tea, Sis!

You know that feeling when you're with your bestie and she clearly wants to get something off her chest, but won't? And you really want her to spill the tea so you can deal with it together?
Or when you've talked for hours on the phone, but there's this one thing that has to be said in person, so when you finally meet you're just like "oh come on, spill the tea already!"?

Turns out, the story of this phrase is much more interesting than you think! Here's the thing: It most likely started in the 90s Black Drag Culture, where it was originally just the letter T, for Truth. Over time both the phrase and the movement gained recognition and with some help of Kermit the Frog meme that took off in the early 2010s (you know which one!) we're now spilling tea... Or beans. Or both!

Or at least that's the theory, as somebody found this particular phrase in a book called "Riddley Walker" by Russel Hoban, published in 1980. Here's the piece:
“Seamt like a lot of tea got spilt at breakfas nor the talk wernt the userel hummeling and mummeling there wer some thing else in it”
Soooo, what is it then? The T is, we don't really know. But if we ever get a definitive answer, you can count on us to spill the tea.

Love you!

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