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Is Matcha Better Than Skincare?

Is Matcha Better Than Skincare?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Matcha"? Is it "Delicious Lattes"? "Morning Pilates"? "That Girl" and a whole lot of juicy Instagram drink recipes you've always wanted to try? What about... "Skincare"? No? Well, maybe it should - let's dig into it!


For starters, Matcha is full of antioxidants. How's that good for your skin? Well, antioxdiants protect you from so called "Free Radicals", which are essentially highly reactive and damaging molecules that live all around us. Drinking Matcha lets you neutralise them, not just on your skin but your whole body. This helps with keeping your skin youthful and healthy. While this is a big part of Matcha's effectiveness on skincare, it's only a part of the story!


Catechins are some very interesting plant compounds present in Green Tea Powder - they stimulate production of collagen, and thus improve skin firmness and elasticity. Your body's natural collagen production diminishes as you age, so having a cup of matcha latte as a part of your diet might be just what your skin needs.

Matcha as a Face Mask

Fun thing about Matcha? It's a super, super fine powder - it has to be! How else would you make it into a paste? Because of that, you can use it as a face mask - your skin will absorb nutrients while simultaneously removing dead skin - it's a win-win! Quick note, our Matcha is not suitable for that, due to added flavouring and other ingredients. But it just shows how versatile of a product Matcha can be!
So why Matcha?


See, Matcha will not substitute a healthy and regular skincare routine, but it can definitely compliment it! The current trend in skincare is a wholistic approach, where your diet plays the main role in effectivenes of all your efforts. Minimising junk food and focusing on whole, healthy meals will help your body regenerate and improve not only your skin, but overall wellbeing. Matcha is a "superfood" - the sheer amount of antioxidants makes it one of the best things you can implement into your daily diet and so, we just can't recommend it enough!

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