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How To Not Stain Your Smile With Tea

How To Not Stain Your Smile With Tea

 Have you ever wondered what impact tea can have on your precious smile? It turns out that tea and dental health have more in common than we previously thought, so this blog post is all about empowering you to enjoy your cuppa without fretting about stains (or worse!). Here are a few tips on how to drink your daily tea so that your teeth stay happy. It's actually not that hard!

Why Does Tea Stain Your Teeth?

 The secret lies in the natural compounds called tannins and chromogens. In essence, tannins bind to enamel, making your teeth prone to staining. Chromogens, on the other hand, are highly pigmented compounds that adhere to enamel, causing discoloration. These two components work real hard to stain your teeth, but not all tea contains them! Let us quickly run through them.

True Teas vs Herbal Teas

 True teas, such as black, green, white, oolong, and pu-erh, contain compounds that can leave marks on your teeth. Black tea tends to be the most prominent offender, with higher levels of staining substances. However, green and white teas, although milder, can still contribute to minor discoloration over time.
So what about herbal infusions? While they generally have lower staining potential, herbal teas with vibrant pigments, like hibiscus or blackcurrant, may impart a subtle tint to your teeth. Even peppermint can cause issues if drunk regularly!

Now that we know all this, how do we avoid it? Here are a few helpful tips:

Use A Straw

 One of the best tools for avoiding staining is a straw. It keeps the tea away from your teeth, reducing the chances of staining. We totally recommend glass straws - they're cost-effective, reusable and come in many different shapes and

Source: https://pin.it/75336bd

Rinse Your Mouth

 Rinsing your mouth or drinking some water is another quick and easy way to prevent staining. It helps you neutralise all that acidity that's eating up your enamel. Also, probably not a bad idea to get that extra boost of hydration!

Source: https://pin.it/40fyVMZ

Brush Your Teeth

 This might sound obvious, but there's a trick to it! While brushing your teeth regularly is super important, it's good to know that you should wait at least 30 minutes after finishing your cuppa. Tea creates quite an acidic environment in your mouth that softens up your enamel. You should give it half an hour to reharden and then go for a gentle brush. This is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your teeth white and pretty!

Source: https://pin.it/3bS0kyc

 All in all, tea and teeth can coexist peacefully. Whether you tend to enjoy a proper cuppa or more fruity infusions, your teeth will be thankful for following these simple tips!

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