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How To Boil Water Faster

How To Boil Water Faster

Are you tired of waiting forever for the water to boil? Does it feel like your kettle's getting slower by the week? Would you like your tea to taste better? If the answer to any of those question is YES, then this article is made for you. Enjoy the read!

I Hate My Kettle

I turn on the kettle and stare blankly into the void of the kitchen, listening to the harsh noises of boiling water, wondering how many more things I could be doing right now. "Maybe I'll learn how to crochet? Or go to pottery classes! Or maybe I should just become a ballerina? Oh dear, the kettle's really taking it's time today". But then, something hits me - WHY is the kettle taking so long? It might be 5 minutes, but it feels like half an hour. What if I can change it? If I have to wait for the water to boil, I might as well investigate, right?

And there I was standing, with my phone in my hand, deep into the rabbit hole... Here's what I found.

Your Kettle Loves You

If you ever feel angry at your kettle, you need to rethink your behaviour. Like, seriously.
It's working *really* hard to bring you the hottest, freshest water, but it can only do so much if you feed it more than water! What do I mean by this? See, water is actually full of minerals. These, when boiled, accumulate inside your kettle, affecting the taste of water and making it slower. If you want to have a good relationship with your kettle, you might need to give it a bit more love than you previously thought. Here's how to do it:

Descale Regularly

Limescale is your kettle's worst enemy. That's why you should descale on a regular basis - let's say once a month! Here's an easy descaling recipe: Fill the kettle with equal parts water and white vinegar, let it sit for an hour and then boil the solution. After that you need to rinse it properly, give it a little wipe if needed and then boil some more water. Et Voila! Kettle like new!

Use Filtered Water:

If you want your tea to taste crisp and clean every time, use filtered water! This should minimise the amount of minerals that contribute to limescale and affect the taste of your tea. Not only will your kettle be thankful, the tea you drink might prove much more delicious than previously thought!

Don't Overfill and Never Go Below Minimum

These 2 simple rules will definitely increase the healthy lifespan of your kettle. You might feel rebellious every now and then, but please, in the name of all kettles: Do not underfill. Do not overfill. Be kind.

Empty Your Kettle

After boiling water, it's best to empty the kettle. Letting the water sit in it is just a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and contribute to limescale. And we hate limescale, right? Give your kettle a rinse after each boil, it will thank you later.

Now that you know how to take care of your kettle, everything's in your hands. Now go, boil some water, brew some tea and give it a good clean! Your next tea will taste better and the water will boil in no time. Pure magic!

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